What We Do

We provide free online K-12 education for children in Sudan


How we work

The program offers a plethora of courses which follow the Sudanese K-12 curriculum. Our volunteers are dedicated to educating and shaping young minds to provide a brighter future for the new generation of Sudan. Our courses are created by experienced professionals who have devoted their lives to improving the lives of students.

The education we provide is conducted on the Google classroom learning platform, it is the cornerstone of our mission, as it is free of charge and accessible to everyone with a google account. A large variety of courses is available to all primary and secondary school aged students.

Current progress

Beams of Light Academy has more than 1400 active students currently enrolled. Thanks to our 28 highly qualified and trained teachers they can experience a real learning environment. Our program meets all our students’ learning needs by keeping track of their progress. Through weekly lectures we motivate our students to continue their studies and inspire others to do the same.

Unit example (English language: Level A2)
Unit example (Geography: Grade 4)
A lesson example (Geography: Grade 4)

Support our Community

Donating to Beams of Light enables us to continue providing free education to disadvantaged students, reach more children in need of an education, support and maintain our community of teachers, and launch collaborations with other partners. Help us beam a light through the window of education.