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Join us to ensure quality education for every child in Sudan

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You can tap into your own power by using your unique talents and skills to help scale the impact of Beams of Light.

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You can decide to enroll in any of the courses offered by Beams of Light and study at your own pace.

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You can help us further develop our vision to create a more inclusive education for everyone, everywhere.

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We welcome teachers to provide creative, thoughtful lessons to ensure quality education for more than 1500 Sudanese students. If you do not speak Arabic, you can still help with English classes. By being a volunteer at Beams of Light Academy, you have the opportunity to receive online teaching training and gain valuable international teaching experience.


Beams of Light offers free online education to support each student’s learning needs. We welcome students that are already going to school and need extra support and those that don’t have access to education. We offer a wide range of courses taught by qualified teachers. Some of the courses that students can take are: Mathematics, Science, Arabic Language, English, Geography, Religion, Art.

Partner With Us

Beams of Light is open to cooperating with other NGOs. Following our vision for expanding our network, we invite you to collaborate with us in making sure our goals of changing the lives of many through education, and helping them make their dreams come true. We would love to have a more in-depth discussion with you. For more information see our contact page.

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Donating to Beams of Light enables us to continue providing free education to disadvantaged students, reach more children in need of an education, support and maintain our community of teachers, and launch collaborations with other partners. Help us beam a light through the window of education.