Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions frequently posed by potential volunteers, students and their guardians.

How will my donation money be used?

We provide Internet packages for the teachers, whiteboards and pens, fixing/buying cell phones, power banks, as well as help with paying electric bills, stipends etc.

How can I contribute my time and skills to support Beams of Light?

You may teach a course, tutor, create content, help with recruitment of volunteers, scheduling or donations and fundraising.

What curriculum do you follow?

We follow the Sudanese and IGCSE K-12 curriculum, with a plethora of courses in each grade level, such as: Mathematics, Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry), Arabic Language, English, Geography, Religion, Art.

Are there prerequisites or language requirements?

Arabic is a must for the Sudanese Curriculum. However, English is taught as a subject.

Can I follow the courses even if I’m not from Sudan?

Yes. Anyone who speaks Arabic can enroll and follow our courses.

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Donating to Beams of Light enables us to continue providing free education to disadvantaged students, reach more children in need of an education, support and maintain our community of teachers, and launch collaborations with other partners. Help us beam a light through the window of education.