About Us

We believe in a world of equal opportunities where everyone can reach their full potential

Who We Are

Beams of Light is working to create the conditions in which everyone can access their power to shape their future. We provide a wide range of courses to students who need additional support in their learning and to those without access to education. In order to ensure quality education, teachers are supported and trained to use modern educational tools.

Our Story

Focused on equipping the youth with knowledge for the future and skills for life, Ms. Yousif saw the need to bridge an already existing gap in education that has now been widened due to the effects of COVID-19. With thousands of students out of school for 9 months and despite technological and political obstacles in Sudan, she was able to call on volunteer teachers and start Whatsapp groups for the students. On November 26, 2020, the initiative was launched with 15 teachers and about 600 students. Together with her team, she was able to schedule classes and reach more than 1400 students in the primary and secondary school spectrums, and recruit 28 qualified and trained teachers.

Our Team

The Founder

Ms. Eiman Yousif

Ms. Yousif, a holder of a Masters Degree in Education, is a leader in the field with over 20 years of international experience in teaching and curriculum. She has a great passion for teaching, learning, and research enhanced by her education and experiences spread over the past two decades in three continents. Working in diverse environments in North America, Africa, and the Middle East has shaped her life, broadened her perspectives, and exposed her to different cultures and ethnicities. Ms. Yousif is also an artist whose art was featured in newspapers and magazines, also published in the book “100 Women Artists around the World” for three years. Ms. Yousif’s work was mentioned in the book “I Want to Meet the King of America” by Dr. Fred Mednick. For her accomplishments, she has received a  “Hero” certificate from Teachers Without Borders. She is passionate about social work, education, culture, art and traveling.

The VUB Team

Dr. Fred Mednick

Dr. Fred Mednick was instrumental in the development of Beams of Light. He is the founder of Teachers Without Borders, an organization that has been working on connecting teacher leaders in order to close the education divide for more than twenty years. TWB programs are designed to be adaptable, adoptable, affordable, and accessible so that local leaders can ensure relevance for the communities they serve. This distinguishing characteristic and focus on local capacity earned TWB the prestigious “Champion of African Education Award” from the W.F. Hewlett Foundation and Ashoka, the social entrepreneurship network. In 2018, Teachers Without Borders was awarded both the Luxembourg Peace Prize and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Prize for the Advancement of Peace.

Dr. Mednick is also a professor of Education Sciences at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (University of Brussels). He teaches courses on global social change leadership, modern educational systems, global education and development, case studies in education innovation, and curriculum design and assessment.

In March 2021, Ms. Yousif started a collaboration with Dr. Mednick and Educational Sciences Master’s students from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) with the intent of making Beams of Light a sustainable project. The collaboration resulted in the creation of our website, the designing of new and redesigning of existing courses on Google Classroom, along with providing our volunteers with teacher training.

Dimitra Kladia
Giovanna Quaranta
Ignace Bteich
Jelena Obradovic
Marta Lucchetti
Rembert Jonckheere
Uros Petrovic

Our Volunteering Teachers in Their Own Words

Safa Hassan

“The idea is excellent… and those in charge of it are distinguished because they have defied many difficulties – power outages and the weakness of the network – in order to deliver information to students. Thank you to everyone who contributed their effort, time, or ideas to founding this initiative. Thank you, Ms. Yousif!”

Naglaa Fathi

“Beams of Light is one of the first initiatives that I’ve dealt with and I’m very proud to be part of it, proud of the support I was given, which I have not experienced in my life except through the initiative of Beams of Light and through those in charge of it, represented in Ms. Yousif and the rest of the unique teachers showing their love of education, as well as parents who are very kind and appreciative.”

Altoum Altoum

“Beams of Light is the best place you can join to increase your knowledge about your school subjects, in order to be a good student. It’s free for all students, especially for those who want to go further in their knowledge. For me, it was a wonderful experience to use the internet to teach Sudanese students in or out of Sudan. Now we can say that our students have a great tool to help them with their lessons and their academic support. All love to our guide Ms. Yousif.”

Alkhansa Makki

“Beams of Light is an initiative that originated from the heart of Ms. Yousif and the hearts of other teachers who did not hesitate to support our new Sudanese generation to overcome the ordeal of 2020, which was represented by the political and economic conditions of the country in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am filled with jot to be able to be part of this initiative that has transformed education from traditional to modern electronic form, which will reach all needy students in all regions of Sudan and outside Sudan.”

Support our Community

Donating to Beams of Light enables us to continue providing free education to disadvantaged students, reach more children in need of an education, support and maintain our community of teachers, and launch collaborations with other partners. Help us beam a light through the window of education.